Indigogo Campaign Update

Hello everyone!

We wanted to give you another update on where we’re at in regards to fulfilling the “perks” from the Indigogo Crowdfunding Campaign. We’ll try to be as detailed as possible.

We’re aware that most of the perks are shipping well past their projected date of completion. While many items have already gone out, there are still many people waiting on their perk. Please allow us to explain why:
  • When the campaign was planned out, we honestly didn’t anticipate there being so much support. This was a new adventure for all of us having never crowd funded anything before. With every person who contributed, that’s another envelope or box to fill (in most cases). Considering each shipment is prepared by hand, that’s quite a task. One of the biggest reasons for the delay is just the sheer amount of contributors (all of which we are eternally grateful for!)
  • Data errors-
    • Wrong address -
      • There are many people who provided us with incorrect contact and shipping info. Either that or they’ve moved. For this reason, we have to email each person on an individual basis to try and get correct shipping addresses before sending anything (we do this when your perk is ready to go).
    • Wrong email address-
      • Sometimes the emails bounce back as undeliverable because the email addresses were entered wrong when they filled out the form on Indigogo. Or, they simply gave us an email address that they never use (because we never get a reply). It could be that your email’s spam blocker is flagging us, so be sure to check your junk folder from time to time. Keep in mind that we haven’t emailed everyone in the campaign yet. Only the people we are able to ship out to right now (as in, we have all the perks you ordered ready to go). We try to just go down the list and take care of these one at a time to ensure there are no issues anywhere. So, if you haven’t received an email from us, chances are, your name hasn’t come up on our list just yet, or your perk is not ready. See “perk status” below to see where we’re at.
      • If you gave us an alternate email address that you don’t use, please check it periodically. That’s our only means of contacting you! We will only ship items out if we are able to verify your shipping address (we want to make sure you get what you ordered!)
    • You haven’t paid the shipping invoice
      • There have been a lot of snags when it comes to the shipping invoices. The shipping has to be paid before we can send out a perk. Due to the email address issue mentioned previously, the process is bogged down significantly. The other issue with this: Some people have chosen to pay the shipping invoice with a different account (under a different name, address, etc.), and that makes it harder for us to verify that you’ve paid your shipping invoice. It’s totally fine if you do that, just please shoot us an email to let us know (
  • Perk Status
    • Digital Album Download
      • These were sent out the week before the album dropped. The links were sent to the email address you provided us. If you haven’t gotten it, it’s because of the email address issue mentioned previously.
    • Album Download + Guitar Picks
      • 90% fulfilled. We are almost through the list of people who ordered this perk. There are a few people we still need to contact, but we’ll hopefully have all these out by the end of next week.
    • DVD + Album Download
      • The DVD is near the end of the editing phase. Our good buddy, Jeff Holcomb, has been working hard at making it a great video. Once that’s complete, it needs to be manufactured, which takes a couple weeks at most. So, we’re getting closer. The digital downloads were all sent out.
    • T-Shirt and Album Download
      • 90% fulfilled. We have the shirts, and have sent out most of them, but a couple people have not responded to our emails or paid the shipping invoice.
    • Deluxe Pack
      • The only thing holding this up is the DVD (see above). All other items are here. Once the DVD is ready to ship, we’ll send it all at once.
    • Hoodie and the Download
      • All but one of these has been sent out. If you’re waiting on this, email us!
    • Autographed Vinyl Record
      • Partially fulfilled. This one has been a big challenge for us. They took so long to be manufactured that we decided to have these shipped directly from the manufacturer. For this reason, they are not autographed as originally intended. However, we will include something for you that IS autographed with the rest of your perks. We apologize for this, but we felt like getting the record out to you was the important part. 80% of the vinyls have been delivered to customers. If you ordered it, and did not get it, it’s because we don’t have correct info for you. We’ve reached out again to everyone who ordered this perk. If you haven’t gotten the vinyl, or an email about it, please contact Keith ( This also includes the Deluxe Pack, which will ship out to you once the DVD is done (see above for more info on that).
    • Hoodie, DVD, and Download
      • Just waiting on the DVD
    • Skype Guitar Lessons with Keith
      • All fulfilled
    • Skype Guitar Lessons with Jeff
      • All fulfilled
    • Guitar Pickups of Extreme Mojo-
      • 50% fulfilled
    • Merrow Signature Overdrive
      • The pedals are here, and all other included items are here, except for the DVD. We’ll ship it all when the DVD is ready.
    • Jeff Loomis Guest Solo
      • All fulfilled
    • VIP Dinners
      • All fulfilled, awesome times had, new friends made. Sick.
    • Custom Song-
      • We’ve made a little progress on composing your song, hang in there!
    • Album Guitars
      • Guitars sent out a long time ago, just waiting on your Deluxe Pack (dvd), and you’ll be good to go.
Thank you all for your patience and support, we greatly appreciate it!

PS- If you haven’t heard from us personally regarding your perk, don’t freak out. We assure you all that we will do everything we can to get you your stuff as soon as possible.

-Conquering Dystopia