Post Tour Update

Hello everyone! We wanted to take a minute to give you guys an update on the band, the crowd-funding campaign, and what lies ahead for Conquering Dystopia. 
As a lot of you may know, we just finished up a tour with Animals as Leaders and Chon. We had such a great time during those 6 weeks, and want to thank everyone who worked that tour, and give a HUGE thanks to the friends and fans that came out to the show(s). We’re definitely going to try to do more shows/tours in the near future! We've decided that we only want to tour this band with the original lineup (we don’t want to get fill-in members to do shows). But, because the members of Conquering Dystopia are usually busy with other bands/projects, the stars have to align just right in order for us to tour. Luckily, the Animals tour was something that we could all do, and we feel fortunate for that. Thank you Tosin Abasi and Javier Reyes for inviting us out! 

During the tour, we had a raffle going on at our merch booth. One lucky person will win one of mine (Keith) of Jeff's signature Schecter guitars (winner gets to choose). Thousands of people dropped their name and email into a jar, and we’ll be announcing the winner as soon as we can! Best of luck to everyone who participated! 

We've been getting a few emails from people who want a status update on their “perks” from the Indigogo crowd-funding campaign we did at the start of this project. Firstly, we want to sincerely thank you for your support and your patience with us. We're still working on  it. A lot more people backed this band than we anticipated, so managing the campaign has been a bit difficult to keep up with. We originally thought this would be a small, casual band project. But, it’s turned into much more than that, thanks to your support and interest. Some items have started to ship, but there are a few things that have delayed the process. One big cause for delay is the DVD and the vinyl record. We have (6) massive hard drives full of footage that we are editing down into a DVD. I (Keith) had planned to do it myself, and got quite a bit of it done. But, between everything else going on, I’m unable to put in the hours it takes to complete the DVD by myself. So, we've enlisted our very talented friend, Jeff Holcomb, and he’s currently working on it (a lot faster than I can!). The positive aspect of this delay is that we were able to get a bunch of cool footage and live audio from the tour. We’ll be including that in the DVD as well. So, the wait will be worth it! 

The vinyl records were produced by Century Media records. Those will be shipping directly from them within the next couple weeks. If you got the record along with any other items from the campaign, they will arrive separately. 

Now that we’re home, our main focus is to continue to fulfill all of these perks from the campaign and get this stuff out to you guys as soon as humanly possible. We appreciate your patience with us! There are nearly 1000 contributors, and we pack and ship each package ourselves. As you can imagine, it’s quite a task. 

Future stuff: A lot of people have been asking us if we plan on continuing this band and doing another album. The answer is: YES, without a doubt. But, we want to catch our breath and fulfill our obligations to the fans before we can start thinking about album 2.
Jeff and I will be doing a couple Guitar Center clinics at the end of July, and then we’re doing another clinic tour in China in October. We’re looking forward to that! 

Thanks again for your continued support! 

-Keith, on behalf of Conquering Dystopia.