Indigogo Campaign Update

Hello everyone!

We wanted to give you another update on where we’re at in regards to fulfilling the “perks” from the Indigogo Crowdfunding Campaign. We’ll try to be as detailed as possible.

We’re aware that most of the perks are…


The editor working on the Conquering DVD has been sending us some really solid drafts of his progress. It's coming along really good! We're getting closer now. Sorry to the campaign supporters for the delays. 

We're working on getting all…

Post Tour Update

Hello everyone! We wanted to take a minute to give you guys an update on the band, the crowd-funding campaign, and what lies ahead for Conquering Dystopia. 
As a lot of you may know, we just finished up a tour…

Indigogo Campaign Update

Hello everyone! We just wanted to give you a bit of an update on the status of the campaign perks. First off, we want to thank you again for your contribution. You made this album happen! You're probably wondering the…


We've added a Guestbook page to the site. Feel free to stop by and leave us a message! We appreciate hearing from you! 



December Update!

 At this point, all the songs are written and mostly recorded. Keith and Jeff tracked all the guitars in Keith's studio. The bass is currently being recorded by Alex Webster in his personal studio. The drums were done at the…