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Conquering Dystopia (WAV Version)

Conquering Dystopia (WAV)

by Conquering Dystopia

If you plan on burning a CD of the album, or just like the full quality of WAV files, this is the version to get. If you plan on listening to the album primarily on mobile devices, you probably want the MP3 version listed above.


Welcome to the official Conquering Dystopia website. We're currently under construction, but we will be adding content and updating the page regularly as we get closer to the release of our debut album. For now, you can follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter for the latest updates. Click on the links to go there now! 

Conquering Dystopia- Photos by Alison Webster


Indigogo Campaign Update 

Hello everyone! We just wanted to give you a bit of an update on the status of the campaign perks. First off, we want to thank you again for your contribution. You made this album happen! You're probably wondering the status of your perk at this point. Some of the items have yet to be fulfilled, and have gone over the estimated date of delivery. Very sorry for the delays! We admit, it's been a tough challenge for our team to keep up with all of the people who contributed to our campaign. It was our first time trying a crowd-funding campaign, and we're working through this the best we can :)

We greatly appreciate your patience with us, and apologize again for the delay. 

Some items are currently still being produced (DVD, Vinyl, etc.), and other items will begin shipping next week (t-shirts, pedals, picks, etc). However, due to the number of people who contributed, we are shipping the remaining items in “phases”. Each one of these shipments are packaged and taken to the Post Office by hand. There's a lot to ship! Other perks, such as lessons, album guitars, and VIP dinners are fulfilled. We greatly appreciate your patience; we’re doing everything we can to get your perk sent out to you as soon as possible. Thanks! -Conquering Dystopia 

December Update!  

 At this point, all the songs are written and mostly recorded. Keith and Jeff tracked all the guitars in Keith's studio. The bass is currently being recorded by Alex Webster in his personal studio. The drums were done at the amazing Audiohammer Studios in Orlando, Florida.  We had a great time working out there with producer Mark Lewis, and engineer Eyal Levi. Rudinger threw down an amazing performance on drums. We're all very excited to get this completed and released. We're just finishing up some last minute details, then Mark Lewis can begin mixing and mastering the album. It's been a fun ride these past few months. All of the support we've received from fans has been incredible. 2014 is going to be a great year! 

-Conquering Dystopia